Embrace the motherhood

children's hands on mum's shoulder
Embrace the slowness of your days, the fact that they all feel the same and somewhat blend into one.
Embrace the stillness, the inability to move and get busy with stuff.
Embrace their smell, their weight on your chest, their breathing and their little hands reaching out for you.
Embrace the messy house, the takeaway dinners and jacket potatoes for the third time this week – the only meal you can manage to put together in the little pockets of time you get. Embrace the basket full of laundry and the fact that it is never empty anymore.
Embrace the coffee made at 7am and drunk at 3pm, reheated 4 times in the meantime.
Embrace the yoga pants, the messy bun and the dry shampoo.
You are doing the most important and the most difficult job in the world, mama. You are raising human beings.

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